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On-Site X-Rays at Putnam County Chiropractic Clinic

person reviewing x-raysWhen it comes to chiropractic care, X-rays are a standard procedure recommended for every patient except expectant mothers. Having on-site digital imaging provides fast results for our patients without the need to go elsewhere.

No need to worry about special preparations when you come in for your X-ray. We have gowns for your comfort, and all the necessary paperwork is handled during your first visit.

Understanding Your Health Better

Your X-ray results play a crucial role in tailoring your care plan. Dr. John review these results with you, helping you understand your condition and the best course of action.

First-time patients often feel a little nervous about their first X-ray. Our friendly staff is here to put you at ease with a warm welcome and some light-hearted humor.

Discover the Benefits

Ready to experience the benefits of on-site X-rays and personalized chiropractic care? Schedule your appointment today and take the first step toward a healthier life without pain.


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