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Meet Dr. John Baskett

person having shoulder adjustedDr. John Baskett finds it very rewarding to be part of such a noble profession and help people eliminate their pain, embrace health, and find optimal wellness. He’s a perfectionist and won’t stop until the job is done. Whether he can get results for his patients or needs to refer them out, he will point them in the direction of the right people to get the person well.

Care That’s Focused on You

As a physician with years of experience, Dr. John is committed to promoting the health and well-being of his patients, freeing people of all ages and walks of life from pain. You never have to worry about being just a number in our clinic.

Dr. John was helped by natural chiropractic care, and he believes this method of care is only getting better. You don’t need a needle or scope to find out where a person hurts; communication and touch are often all you need to start the healing.

person tying their shoes

Take That First Step Toward Trusted Care

Our patients have been receiving quality care since 1995. Isn’t it time you discovered what they already know about Putnam County Chiropractic Clinic? Contact today to schedule.

Dr. John Baskett | (386) 325-8305