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About Putnam County Chiropractic Clinic

people shaking handsPalatka Chiropractor Dr. John Baskett, who also serves those from Satsuma, San Mateo & surrounding counties, wants every person who walks through our door to know we genuinely care about them and their health. You are uniquely you, and that’s how we treat you.

At Putnam County Chiropractic Clinic, we take pride in delivering our community the highest quality and most cost-effective care since 1995. Dr. John is focused on helping people get to the root cause of their issues quickly and affordably. No hype, just results!


Our mission extends beyond providing immediate pain relief. We also ensure you establish healthy lifestyle habits to have lifelong wellness. We help you get well and stay well.

Offering Hope and Healing

Dr. Baskett uses a “whole person approach” when caring for his patients. We recognize holistic wellness may require a multifaceted approach. As such, we incorporate different therapeutic techniques to provide comprehensive care.

By combining the best hands-on techniques, physiotherapy procedures, and massage therapy, our team of experts helps accelerate and maintain your journey to good health.

Many of our patients come to us after trying other doctors, methods, and remedies without success. Most are referred by a family member or friend who knows the care and concern every person receives in our clinic.

Professional and Inviting Care

When people come into our healing space, they are often surprised by the energy of everyone who works here. Our staff is like family and have worked together for many years. We’re happy, upbeat, and energetic but always professional. Our patients consistently tell us our energy makes them feel better!

Time to Optimize Your Health?

If you’re tired of dealing with pain and less-than-optimal health, contact us today to book a visit to our clinic. Our doctor will assess your needs and determine the best way to treat them.

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